Quote from Chef and writer Maggie Beer

“Tactile types will have a field day at Mudgee’s Parkview Hotel, a former 19th-century pharmacy. The seven-suite property, which opened earlier this year, features cosy touches such as a throw draped across the bed with pile so deep you could lose the TV remote or your phone in it. Then there’s the bathrobe, which is not the usual scratchy terry towelling but soft and plush like a toy.
The feast for the senses doesn’t stop there. Suite three is a sight for jaded eyes; it’s the only one to feature a deep tub and kitchenette. There’s also direct access to the first-floor veranda overlooking the Coffee House, an unassuming cafe that gives Market Street rivals a run for their money with creative breakfasts such as pancakes topped with strawberries and Persian fairy floss, and crunchy zucchini and corn fritters.
As the name suggests, the red-brick hotel overlooks a park and the veranda is an idyllic spot to sit and enjoy purchases from wineries such as Lowe Wines, Robert Stein and Thistle Hill. Dinner options, including Mudgee Brewing Company, are two blocks away. And if you happen to hear a bump in the night, not to worry, that’ll just be seeds from the cabbage tree palms.”
Maggie Beer, The Australian, The Insider, December 9, 2017

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